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Peng Teng Oxygen Concentrator O2 Generators Air Purifier Ventilator Oxygen Machine Home Pregnant Elderly Woman 5L with Atomization Oxygen Therapy (Color: A)

  • The oxygen concentration is detected in real time, the light alarm will when the oxygen concentration is less than 90%; the bacteria of the honeycomb structure filter is used to produce pure and hygienic oxygen
  • fonction de synchronisation d’inhalation d’oxygène, en 30 minutes comme l’unité de temps, chaque fois que vous appuyez sur le bouton de synchronisation, augmentation ou diminution de 30 minutes, après le moment est terminé, la génération d’oxygène arrête automatiquement
  • 5L stable grand débit, 5L sortie stable d’oxygène, la concentration en oxygène jusqu’à 90% ± 3%, pour répondre aux besoins des différents besoins aérobies, vous pouvez facilement inhaler de l’oxygène à la maison
  • Unique design, easy to use and excellent filtration performance.It can be used anywhere in your home, vehicle or travel.
  • Applicable people: Suitable for short-term hypoxic people such as the elderly, students, workers, pregnant women, etc. who are busy with work, overwork, and memory loss.




Product information

Color: A
Technical description
Mark Teng peng
Model number TP-35985526
Color AT
Item weight 4.54 g
Further information
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Date posted on March 15, 2020
Color: A

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Product name: oxygen generator
Size: 371x316x503mm Operating
noise: less than 43dB
Oxygen concentration: 90% ± 3%
5L / MIN Maximum flow = 5L
severe carbon monoxide poisoning is prohibited and should not be used for emergency treatment of critically ill patients.
* The air source inlet of the oxygen generator must be located in the place with the least pollutants. These sources of pollution include: combustion of exhaust gases, other exhaust systems anesthesia, vents and vacuum exhaust ports. The oxygen generator air inlet should be located in a well ventilated area.
* All hoses, valves and seals that come into contact with product oxygen under a single error condition under normal use should be cleaned and degreased before installation. Care must be taken during installation keep the parts clean.The assembled device is strictly prohibited from coming into contact with flammable oil.
* If the use of non-designated humidifiers or medication dispensing accessories will affect the performance of the oxygen generator, please consult a professional physician and medical device supplier before using it.
* Oxygen can support combustion.Please do not smoke when your oxygen generator is activated or near the person using the oxygen generator.Do not use when there are high temperatures, sparks or open flames in the range of 1.6M.
* Do not use this device in an environment with strong magnetic field.
* Place your machine at least 1.6 meters from walls, fabrics or other objects.
* Inappropriate use

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